our robots


Autonomous Car

The NUFR Lab’s autonomous car is a Lincoln Mkz equipped with a sensor suite and CAN bus data. It is designed to collect large-scale, real-world driving datasets for autonomous navigation and mapping tasks. 


The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) engineers have developed a new type of ocean robot called the JetYak. The JetYak is an autonomous surface vehicle that is able to map and measure water that’s too shallow or turbulent for underwater vehicles.


Over the last seven years SeaBED-class AUVs have shown their versatility on missions ranging from shallow coral reef surveys to searches for deep sea hydrothermal vents, in environments ranging from the open ocean to the dense ice cover of the Arctic. Besides the original SeaBED vehicle, we operate two other vehicles at Woods Hole (Puma and Jaguar which are rated to 5000m).


Seabed-125 is a 125m rated AUV designed for high endurance that performs efficient ice mapping in Polar applications. 


The Warthog is configured as a platform for mobile manipulation and is designed to take manipulation out of the structured environments of labs and office spaces into the real world. In the AutOTranS project, we integrated a navigation system, a grasp detection and planning system, and a custom task planner to allow Warthog to pickup, transport, and drop off novel objects like tools, fruits, and trash bags without any prior knowledge.